Introducing the First Convertible Display

Genesis is the first significant innovation in portable display technology in more than twenty years!

The Genesis Convertible display system combines an easily reconfigurable framework and easily changeable display panels. Our patented system can be expanded to meet all of your display needs. It can start as a table top and grow into a large island exhibit. The standard frame or "skeleton" and display panels or "skin" will last you a lifetime. It's quick, easy, and lightweight. Genesis proudly introduces the first truly "Convertible" display system.

NEWS:  All Genesis Free-Standing Displays easily convert to our New Synergy Display System!  

What is a Convertible System?

Easily Reconfigurable Framework
Easily Changeable Display Panels

  • Conventional pop-up systems allow for dramatic graphics, but lack versatility.
  • Folding panel systems are versatile and easily assembled, but lack the aesthetics.
  • Modulars are versatile, but have a permanent, all fabric "skin."
Only the Genesis Convertible Display System combines the best features of each of the other systems to create the newest display category – the Convertible. The Convertible display category has 3 features:
  • Independent / removable display panels or outer "skin."
  • Modular, skeletal-frame system that can be totally and easily reconfigured
  • Simple assembly–sets up in 8 minutes.

Why Genesis?

With Genesis, you can have complete design latitude–choose materials, colors, finishes, and graphics. Achieve a custom look with a portable display. Take this custom look and change it for your next show. Your Genesis display looks like a finished custom display, yet packs down into small, lightweight shipping containers.



  • Beautiful and Portable
  • Versatile, Lightweight, & Compact
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Ships in 1 Case & 1 Tube - UPS or Baggage
  • Large Photo Murals - Reflective and Backlit
  • Choice of Many Shapes, Colors, and Finishes including Marble-Look
  • Solid Custom Look
  • Tool-Free Assembly - No Loose Connectors
  • One Person Setup
  • Unlimited Configuration
  • Grows With Your Needs
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